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Each week, a friend of mine named Phil and I pick the winners of the games being played that week in the NFL.
Phil is a loyal Philadelphia Eagles fan, while I, of course, am an avid Green Bay Packers fan.

With the contest tied going into the Super Bowl, our fate rested on this final pick. However, we both felt good about Baltimore coming out on top. We agreed to pick a final score for the game, and whoever picked closest (assuming Baltimore won) would win the contest. As it turned out, the Ravens took the Giants to school, completely shutting out their offense (the 7 points came on a special teams play). Phil guessed the Ravens would win by 2 points, and I said they would win by 4 points. Given that my differential was marginally closer to the real 27-point win by Baltimore, the final "pick" went to me. But we decided to leave the contest as a tie since the margin of victory was so ridiculously small, and since we were really changing the rules of the game after it had already been played (make any number of election jokes here). So, next season we are planning to do this all over again, and perhaps include picks from other people with ours, just to see how we all do. There wouldn't be any prizes involved, but it would just be for fun. If you'd like to join us in picking the NFL games next season, just email me. In the meantime, I guess we'll just have to be entertained by XFL football...

Shannon Phil
This week 1 - 0 1 - 0
Overall 159 - 100 159 - 100

winning picks in black; losing picks in red

Shannon's Picks
New York
14 - 5
7 - 1
Baltimore Ravens
20 - 16
7   34
Phil's Picks
Baltimore Ravens
16 - 14
16 - 4
8 - 2
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