Last updated: 18 Sept 2001 
 2001 NFL Picks Contest Preseason
Week 1

LET THE GAMES BEGIN! This year, the NFL Picks contest has expanded to include more competition. Phil and I were as evenly matched as we could get last year (the contest ended in a tie). So, Phil and myself invited some other participants this year. There are a total of twelve people playing along, mostly for the right to say they knew their NFL football the best. But I have decided to personally sweeten the deal a bit. In the past, I have bought some team merchandise from an online (and catalog) retailer called Sports Section. They offer a diverse, high-quality product line, and I'm offering to buy the winner of this contest one of those products. Sure, this really doesn't do anything for me, I suppose, but it will hopefully motivate all the participants to play to win! I had planned on buying some stuff from them anyway, so this provides even more reason for me to try to win this thing myself!

  I'll introduce the contest participants first:

Alan Beth Brad Cody Jay Kerry Phil Ray Satish Shannon Susan Tony
This will be our weekly Winners' Banner, showing, from left to right, who is currently leading in the contest. The first 3 names will be highlighted in gold, silver, and bronze.
  • Alan -- Programmer/Analyst, age 38, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Fort Worth, TX.
  • Beth -- High School Data Coordinator, age 24, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Kennedale, TX.
  • Brad -- Case Manager/LAN Administrator, age 24, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Dallas, TX.
  • Cody -- Corporal, U.S. Army, age 24, Green Bay Packers fan, from Fort Sill, OK.
  • Jay -- Staffing Manager, age 29, Green Bay Packers fan, from Charlotte, NC.
  • Kerry -- Programmer/Analyst, age 37, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Benbrook, TX.
  • Phil -- Graduate student at the University of Florida, age 23, Philadelphia Eagles fan, from Gainesville, FL.
  • Ray -- Student at Georgia Tech, age 20, Atlanta Falcons fan, from Marietta, GA.
  • Satish -- Programmer/Analyst, age 29, not a fan of any particular team, from Euless, TX.
  • Shannon -- Programmer/Analyst, age 24, Green Bay Packers fan, from Fort Worth, TX.
  • Susan -- Administrative Assistant, age 33, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Benbrook, TX.
  • Tony -- IT Auditor, age 33, Dallas Cowboys fan, from Poolville, TX.

Now for the contest rules:

This contest involves picking only winners of games. No picking against the spread or anything. Just straight up winners. No one is personally putting any money or anything of value on the line (except for myself, and I consider that a door prize of sorts), so this can't be considered gambling. If a game ends in a tie, that game is discarded and no one wins that pick. We will not pick preseason games, as teams usually aren't necessarily in it for the win, so they can be hard to predict. But we will pick every regular season and postseason game, up to and including the Super Bowl. Participants must have their picks emailed to me before the particular games begin, of course! No cheating! Phil and I did allow each other to do scatter picks last year, however. For instance, when there are the random Thursday games, we would send each other the Thursday pick before that game, but then send the Sunday/Monday picks like on Saturday. That will still be allowed. But if a pick is postmarked after the game has started, it will count as a loss. Any picks I do not receive will be counted as a loss. If a participant misses a week of picks, that's roughly 15 losses! So if you plan to be out of town, get the picks to me early! If a participant misses two whole weeks I will probably disqualify them. They wouldn't be able to make a comeback anyway!

A quick explanation of some of this site's features may be in order. Along the top of the page is the navigation/data menu. (On a technical note, I would have liked to implement these pages with frames so that the top menu would stay visible at all times, no matter how far down the page you scroll, but I created the menus with layers and frames simply wouldn't work.) Anyway, in the first menu option,

you will find links to each of the other pages for this Picks contest. (Each week will have it's own page... These pages are already big enough the way they are with just one week on them!) The next menu option,

will show the standings for each NFL team up through that particular week. The teams are divided by division, and division standings are also given. For this Preseason page, I will give preseason standings (without the division standings, because teams don't play within their division in the preseason). The final menu option,

gives a list of links to various web sites on which you'll find NFL-related news and content. I've also included some team-focused web sites for the teams that the contest participants root for. Additionally, there will be the following links at the top of each page:


These will help you navigate easily from one week to the previous or next.

Each participant will have their own section showing their picks for the week:
This week: 8 - 7 ..... Overall: 8 - 7
Tennessee at St. Louis
Atlanta at Washington
Pittsburgh at Minnesota
Jacksonville at NY Giants
San Diego at Miami
Philadelphia at Buffalo
New England at Carolina
Detroit at Indianapolis
Dallas at New Orleans
Baltimore at NY Jets
Tampa Bay at Cleveland
Chicago at Kansas City
Arizona at Seattle
Oakland at San Francisco
Denver at Green Bay
This is mostly self-explanatory. Under the row containing a participant's record for the week (and overall), their picks are listed. Each match-up will be shown either in black to denote a winning pick (i.e., the team they picked to win actually did win), or in red to denote a losing pick (i.e., the team they picked to win did not win). The team shown in bold italics is the team they picked to win the match-up.

Finally, there is the issue of what specifically is up for grabs. I am offering to buy the winner of the contest one of the following items with their team's logo. I will probably be flexible with this, since these things may not be available for all teams. But I think they are, and besides, I believe I will win this contest so this may be a moot point!

Leather/Pewter Keychain   Zippo Lighter   Travel Mug   Set of 4 Shot Glasses
Leather Coasters   Stein w/ Pewter Logo   Huge Towel



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